Give your child the gift friendship with a horse!

We are excited to offer your child the opportunity to grow in confidence, connectedness, caring, and healthy coping skills through friendships with our horses and caring volunteer mentors! The first step is to fill out our participant interest form at the link below so that Director Tara Steiner can add you to the waiting list and we can offer a spot for your child when a new class opens up! Even if you’d like to wait until warmer weather in Spring/Summer of 2024, it is important to get your child’s spot on the waiting list now to have first choice when new class spots are offered!

New Participant Interest Form link:

New Participant Interest Form

Current Class Descriptions:

Intro to Horse Care (4 weeks/$100)–Our entry level class for new participants, in which students learn the basics of expected behavior and safety around horses, grooming, general horse facts, and leading. ALL new students begin in this class no matter their previous horse experience, as it gives our team the chance to get to know each child and observe how they interact with the horses, respond to instruction, and work with others in groups and one-one-one settings. Each student is paired with at least one volunteer mentor.

Stirr-UP!: Beginner Riding Levels 1, 2, 3 (4 weeks/$100)–*Open only to graduates of the 4-week Horse Care class. The first classes to put kids UP in the saddle! We will practice safe mounting and dismounting, learn about the items of tack our horses are wearing, and use lots of games and exercises to become comfortable, secure, and balanced on the horse’s back. In Level 1 and 2, all leading of the horse is done by a volunteer, with another volunteer beside the child as a spotter if needed. More use of reins is gradually added throughout Level 2. We will also continue to learn more about horse care and practice their groundwork skills. By Level 3 riders start to guide their horse independently.

Questions? Want to pass on info to a family that could benefit? Download our brochure: